Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter from the Venske family!! What a great Easter we've had. We had 4 egg hunts over the last few days and I think Lily would hunt eggs everyday if we'd hide them, she loves the thrill of the hunt. Despite the hubby working 7 days straight, including today, and Lily running a fever since Friday, we made the most of it. I went to church this morning with my parents and we grilled out and did our egg hunt after nap time. Trevor loves the eggs, he doesn't get the whole concept of finding more than a couple or actually "searching" for them, but he loved the few he found and walked around with them all afternoon. We hope you enjoy our pictures and Happy Easter!

Brenham, Bluebonnets & Blue Bell!

Just over a week ago we decided to take a little Friday road trip to Brenham in the hunt of Bluebonnets and Blue Bell! That is a lot of "B's". The bluebonnets are beautiful this year, and if you aren't from Texas you don't understand the beauty of Texas' state flower and the tradition of taking pictures in the flowers. Don't pick them though, it's illegal. :) Just eat them like Trevor. haa. We had a great day that included a trip to Washington on the Brazos State Park (where the bluebonnet pictures came from), lunch in downtown Brenham at Must Be Heaven and a tour of the Blue Bell factory. It was a beautiful day for a drive, we had a great day and the Blue Bell tour was really awesome, Lily loved watching how all her special treats were made. Here are some of our pictures and you can see the rest here! Spring Pics.